Storyboard Artist Needed

2011-04-25 20:30:20 by joeybetz

I've been working on a project for quite some time now and I'm at a point where I need an artist to help sketch and write the story. I'm no artist but I've got a basic summary of the story. I mainly need someone to help sketch out the story and create more depth to it. This is a paid gig for Armor Games so if you'd love to help out and have a portfolio to show please email me at:

Skills I'm looking for:
* A semi-realistic art style
* Previous experience in writing stories or storyboarding
* Some kind of previous experience with making a game


Artist Needed

2011-01-14 16:20:47 by joeybetz

I'm about to start a new project in the coming weeks and I'm in dire need of a talented artist.

The project will be an action/strategy game with a medieval/middle ages style within a slightly isometric view.

Ideally we'd like someone that's good with Flash art and animation and/or someone that's good with sprite sheet animation. This person would also need to be fast and work within a schedule.

The project will require 30+ hours a week for about 2 months. Our budget for the project is $7,000.

So if you're a talented artist and would love to work on an Armor Games project, please send your portfolios to to

Artist Needed